Work on Yourself by Working With Us

Work on Yourself by Working With Us

Your local therapist in College Park, Maryland

Life presents many challenges. Both internal and external struggles can plague us and our minds. If you feel like you’re losing the grip on your mental or emotional health, turn to a trusted therapist at University Counseling. We provide general therapy services for individuals of all ages who need guidance. You can rely on our experienced and personal therapist to provide you with the one-on-one help you need to maintain your mental health.

Helping you find peace with yourself and your concerns

University Counseling is a locally owned and operated therapist’s office. You’ll benefit from our focused and family-oriented services. When you come to University Counseling for your health, our therapist will:

• Help you identify toxic behaviors and thought processes
• Recognize unhealthy patterns in your communication techniques
• Find ways to help you let go of past hurts and struggles

Don’t put your mental and emotional health off to the side. Start working on a better you with help from University Counseling. Reach out to our therapist in College Park, Maryland today and start working toward a brighter tomorrow.

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